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Jasper is in Hamilton County. Hamilton County is in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of I-75 and I-10. If you are there and drive down 129, you'll end up, eventually, in Live Oak which is in the southwest quadrant of ...

Can You See the Tractor Coming Through the Grass?

  There's just something about an old tractor and lots of wild overgrown grass. So much of Florida is like this - undeveloped and unexplored.

Sunset – Somewhere

Cannot remember where this sun set. Think it was in Miami, west of the airport.

End of the Road

Somewhere just off U.S. 90, west of the Capitol in Tallahassee, in the Florida Panhandle. There is something about the colors that seemed very appealing.

Smokey Sky

Double Take

On U.S. 90, in Live Oak, next to the church.  The question is whether you can tell where the reality begins and the reflections end.

Hampton City Hall

The building is on County Road 18, east of U.S. 301, and east of CSX railroad tracks. The fire station is immediately to the west. You need all of this information because there is no sign, at least no visible ...

Roadside in Hampton, Florida